Factors for consideration in selection of a self-storage facility

For the last five years, the self-storage industry in Australia has seen a rise in the demand for services by consumers. This is especially because people are relocating for short term purposes like study. It is also projected that the self- storage services industry will grow by 2.3% yearly from 2016. This is according to a self-storage services market research report.  Even as more people are turning to self-storage facilities to store their possessions, the facility they choose should be of paramount consideration. While a cheap sunshine self storage facility may seem tempting, if you live there, there are other factors to consider too. Here is a look at some. For more information you can always visit https://www.publicselfstorage.com.au

sunshine self storage

Superb customer service

Just by a simple first call to a self-storage facility, you can be able to tell the kind of services they offer their customers. Do they reply to emails promptly? Are they friendly and willing to listen to your concerns? This should start with the manager and trickle down to all the employees as well. Even if it’s a cheap sunshine self storage facility, if there is no good customer service, it’s not worth it.

Hands on manager

A manager that is actively involved with their storage facility is a plus. You can easily find out whether a manager is involved by visiting the premises. If you see the manager interacting with customers then you know you are in the right place. A manager who is on site will be able to solve customer problems as soon as he arrives.


Just by looking at the state of the office of a kensington self storage facility, you can tell the overall cleanliness of the entire facility. This is because a clean office will give a positive impression that the facility is well maintained. And the staff therefore will care for the possessions of clients in the same fashion. The floors therefore ought to be well dusted, bathroom be made spotless and the staff too should be well groomed.

Pest free

Do not look out for unreasonably cheap sunshine self storage facilities as sometimes they may have pests or other disadvantages. Pests are a danger to property. Rats, for example, can invade boxes with furniture and chew the wood causing damage to it. Pests also urinate and defecate on belongings bringing about any smell. Hence, a good furniture storage facility is the one that has a contract with a pest control professional who makes several visits periodically. More information brand name: Public Self Storage


Security should be paramount at any storage facility. It is not fun losing stuff to theft because of irresponsibility. A secure port Melbourne self storage facility is one that has a gate and computerized access, good lighting as well as security cameras. Also, having the presence of a manager onsite in the facility will ensure that the facility is being monitored from the inside too as sometimes burglaries are said to be an inside job.

Self-storage facilities offer opportunity for storage of possessions. This therefore means that careful consideration must be put in place while selecting the sunshine self storage facility that one would want to store their possessions.

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