Important Information on Genital Warts You Should Know

Infections that affect the genitals can be frustrating especially when in public places because of the itching they cause. Other than the usual infections such as gonorrhea and syphilis, there are other mild ones such as genital warts that some people don’t pay much attention to. The truth is that if genital warts are ignored, they could lead to more severe reproduction problems. An important point to note is that genital warts are common to both women and men, and they are easy to treat if the wartcream reviews are properly analyzed. Here is the general information about genital warts:

What they are

Genital warts are usually growths that occur on the skin and also on the genitals’ mucous membranes. Normally, these warts are found on the vagina, urethra, cervix, penis, vulva, as well as around or in the anus. While it is true that these warts also affect men, they are mostly common among women. The reason for this is because female genitals are more susceptible to infections. There are different methods you can use to treat these warts including using wartcream.

How you can prevent them

Preventing genital warts is easy as long as you heed to the instructions given. Most doctors advise people to concentrate more on prevention than on treatment. One sure way of preventing these warts is avoiding unprotected sexual contact with infected persons. Doctors assert that being involved in more than one sexual relationship had largely contributed to the development of genital warts. The viruses that cause genital warts can be present on the nearby skin. For this reason, use of condoms cannot guarantee you accurate and complete protection. Sticking to one sexual relationship is one of the effective remedies for genital warts you can find.

Diagnosis of genital warts

Physical examination is one of the accurate ways doctors use to diagnose genital warts. While it could be effective for men, the pelvic examination would be more effective in women because of the nature and sensitivity of their genitals. During a pelvic examination, a doctor may use a magnifier to identify where the warts are located. Most doctors use acetic acid to ensure the warts are clearly visible. The viruses that trigger or cause genital warts are known to make Pap smear results abnormal. Once warts have been diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe the best topical cream for genital warts for effective treatment.

Treatment methods for genital warts

Genital warts don’t usually disappear on their own without treatment. Using over-the-counter medications meant for general warts is not the right direction to go. The doctor may prescribe medication you would apply at home or skin treatment right at the clinic. Surgical procedures such as laser therapy, cryosurgery, electoral cauterization and surgical excision could also work are also reliable. However, most doctors would first recommend you use an effective HPV wart removal cream before they decide to go the surgical way.

Although not many people may come out to boldly say they are suffering from genital warts, the truth is that many people suffer silently. If you can first understand what genital warts are, you can know how to prevent them before they demand treatment. It is important to consult your doctor to know the type of wartcream you should use and how you should use it.

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