Top Surveillance Systems to Monitor the Self-Storage Units

Recently, during the starting of this year, a shocking news of self-storage burglary was reported. Almost 50 units were affected due to this massacre. Hence, you can easily understand how important it is to provide an utmost security system to observe and monitor the self-storage units. Storage units like self storage Perth firms provide know and understand the value of your belongings. Hence, nowadays, to secure your stored goods at the self-storage, impressive and tech-savvy monitoring surveillance systems are being used. Here is a list of top surveillance systems to supervise the security in the self-storage units.

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Radio Frequency Technology

In today’s tech-savvy era, the radio frequency technology is utilized as one of the most trending and effective security tools that are currently available in the market. For any self-storage unit like self storage perth wa firms offer, top notch security systems like this radio frequency technology are used to protect the belongings kept in the self-storage. In this type of high-quality surveillance, small RFID tags are attached to each item that you’ve stored in the self-storage. If any illicit shifting of merchandise occurs, the scanners at the doors recognize it immediately and an alarm starts to ring as soon as goods are illegally shifted from one place to another.

Digital Video Recording

Well, digital video recording system serves as an effective as well as an efficient security tool at many units like self storage Perth facilities. This security tool not only provides high-quality images from the technologically advanced digital video cameras but also helps you to constantly monitor who is entering and exiting from the self-storage unit. In case of any unfortunate or illegal shifting of stored goods, the top notch quality video footages from this security tool would help you to understand the actual scenario.

Wireless Alarm System

Arguably, this wireless alarm system for the doors of self storage units Perth firms provide is the most reliable as well as the most cost-effective security device. Moreover, the installation procedure of this wireless door alarm system is quite easy as well. Additionally, sending or receiving data information is comparatively easy with the wireless system. You can easily get to know about the people, who are off or on site.

System Controllers

System controllers are extremely crucial for managing the security of the site efficiently at any self storage in Perth WA. Most of the times, the managers of the firms that offer services of self storage Perth wide prefer to use such system controllers to secure the site. Security systems such as keypads and intercoms are categorized under this security tool. Other than these, door alarms, surveillance cameras, card readers are other vital gizmos under this system controller system.


The more advanced technology is used at the self-storages, the more the storage can ensure the security of your goods. If you are looking for such self-storage facilities that provide excellent services at a lucrative price, you can go through the websites like to get a better idea. Do your research properly and choose the best and the most feasible option for you.

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